How to craft B2B copy that converts.

Wynter Games 3 brings you insights from the best minds in B2B copywriting.

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Wynter Games is a monthly virtual event series about finding, understanding, and appealing to customers. Distilled wisdom from the top experts in short 20-min sessions.
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Learn to answer questions like:

  • What makes B2B copywriting work?
  • How to balance sounding human vs important business?
  • How to convert more leads with better copy?
  • How to craft messaging that works?

Strategic messaging is how companies control perception in the marketplace. Getting to the right message is as important as getting to the right product. The right message needs to repeatedly reach the right customer in the right market.

None of this is easy. That's why you need to listen to these experts.

8 hand-picked B2B copywriters

Neville Medhora

Owner at Kopy Group, LLC

Neville currently advises numerous companies and runs a copywriting company called and gives away his entire marketing swipe file at and a bunch of free videos on YouTube.

Annie Maguire

Conversion Copywriter

Over the last 10+ years, Annie has worked with Fortune 500 companies, startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to help them better understand their target customers so they can make more money online.

Eden Bidani

Conversion Copywriter

With 10+ years in direct sales and copywriting (and a degree in anthropology), Eden helps SaaS, tech, and DTC brands drive crazy-good growth with customer-magnetic conversion copy.

Diane Wiredu

Conversion Copywriter & Localization Expert

Diane translates and writes personality-packed copy that engages, motivates and converts. Fluent in 4 (ish) languages, she also helps global brands nail their message in the UK market.

Jen Phillips April

Copywriter/Business Owner

Jen is a results-driven B2B tech writer. Her reader-focused approach incorporates audience research and the sales cycle for actionable content.

Rachael Pilcher

Conversion Copywriter

Rachael is a B2B SaaS copywriter, specializing in website copy, sales pages, brand messaging, and voice of customer research.

Andrew Yedlin

Conversion Copywriter + Optimizer

With a focus in B2B, SaaS and tech, Andrew has helped generate leads and revenue for dozens of growth-seeking companies with conversion-focused copy.

Jessica Malnik

Content Strategist and Copywriter

Jessica Malnik is a content strategist and copywriter for SaaS and productized service businesses.

April Dunford

Positioning expert, author of "Obviously Awesome"

April is a globally recognized leader in positioning.

She advises companies on new product introduction and market positioning, go to market strategy and how that intersects with marketing, product, sales and customer success.

Marcus Andrews

Product Marketing at HubSpot

Marcus designs narratives, creates go-to-market strategy, and launches products at HubSpot. Prior to HubSpot he was at Google, bringing AdWords and YouTube products to market. He hosts a podcast for Product Marketers - The Product Marketing Experts, and is the author of Narrative Design for Business.

Louis Grenier

Founder at EveryoneHatesMarketers

Louis fights marketing bullshit. He runs a popular marketing podcast, puts on workshops to help companies stand out, and consults on radical differentiation.


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