How Wynter works

If you understand what the problems with your messaging are, you can address them.

How it works in 5 steps

1. Pick a URL on your site, or upload a creative.
2. Choose your target audience (incl B2B audiences). We deliver the panel.
3. Select areas on the page to get data on, choose research questions.
4. Review results after 24 hrs.
5. Make changes based on the new insights.

This will result in feedback like:

Get answers to business questions like:

• Which of the arguments you're making are really resonating?
• Which benefits are they most interested in?
• What does the headline make them feel?
• Does the reader feel we understand their role and challenges?
• What in my messaging turns the audience off?
• After seeing our web page, how would they describe what this product is?
• Is it clear how we're different from other competing solutions (if at all)?
• Do they understand the copy in the third paragraph?
• After reading everything, what remains unclear?

Detailed overview on how to set up messaging tests with Wynter

Step #1: Decide on the page to test

Wynter is best for pages where you communicate your key messaging, where you try to get the visitor to take action.

This is typically your home page or a landing page. If I was CXL, I might choose this page:

#2: Pull that URL into Wynter

Wynter takes a screenshot of the URL.

Or you can take your own screenshot, and upload it. Great for mockups, or private pages.

#3:  Highlight areas you want audience insights on

Your page consists of sections. You can get granular data for each section separately.

You likely have differnet questions about different content block, so you can ask different questions about each block.

#4: Panel selection

Choose whether you want a consumer panel or B2B panel, and which specific audience from within that panel.

You can choose between several pre-made audiences we've built. 

Many more audiences are coming soon.

Where does the audience come from?

We have our own B2B panel, and for consumer audiences we tap into various reputable panel recruitment APIs.

We then do pre-qualification surveys on top of that (e.g. if we need to build a fitness panel, we pre-survey the panel on their diet/fitness habits, and can then build an audience of people who work out 3x/week and don't eat carbs). So we can recruit the panel based on demographic and psychographic parameters.

Step #5:  Get the full results in under a day

Once the panel is complete, you will receive an email from us. 

#6:  Go through the data, extract the insights

The data will show what's unclear or confusing, what resonates with your audience, and what turns them off.

You will discover your blind spots - questions that remain unanswered even after reading everything.
The data you get will be as granular or as broad as you want. You determine the areas you want feedback on, as well as the research questions.

#7:  Tweak your messaging

Now you know exactly how to improve your messaging!

Armed with new insights, make edits to your copy. Either do another round of testing, or ship the updates live. 

Know exactly how to improve your messaging

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