How Wynter works

If you understand what the problems are, you can address them.

Step #1: Decide on the page to copy test

Wynter is best for pages with direct response copy - pages that try to get the visitor to take action.

This is typically your home page, a campaign landing page, ecommerce product page or features page. 

If I were to run CXL Institute, I might choose this page:

#2: Pull that URL into Wynter

Wynter takes a screenshot of the URL.

Or you can take your own screenshot, and upload it. Great for mockups, or private pages.

#3:  Highlight areas you want audience insights on

Your page consists of content blocks. You can get granular data for each block separately.

You likely have differnet questions about different content block, so you can ask different questions about each block.

#4: Panel selection

Choose whether you want consumer panel or B2B panel, specificy what your target audience looks like.

You can choose between several pre-made audiences we've built. Many more audiences are coming soon, and you can request the audience you need.

Where does the audience come from?

We have our own B2B panel, and for consumer audiences we tap into various reputable panel recruitment APIs.

We then do pre-qualification surveys on top of that (e.g. if we need to build a fitness panel, we pre-survey the panel on their diet/fitness habits, and can then build an audience of people who work out 3x/week and don't eat carbs). So we can recruit the panel based on demographic and psychographic parameters.

Step #5:  Get the full results in under a day

Once the panel is complete, you will receive an email from us. 

#6:  Go through the data, extract the insights

The data will show you 3 very important things.

First you’ll identify which copy blocks need the most help: where clarity (ClearScore) and relevance (CareScore) are mediocre or poor:

Then go through all the qualitative answers to research questions for each block:

Finally, look at the feedback on the whole copy. You’ll learn things like what’s still confusing even though they read everything. 

#7:  Make copy edits

Now you know exactly how to improve your messaging!

Armed with new insights, make edits to your copy. Either do another round of copy testing, or ship the updates live. 

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