User testing for copy

Running user testing sessions can be very useful to find usability issues on your website. They're not very insightful for copy though.

Wynter delivers quantified insights on your copy. Discover what's confusing or unclear, what questions remain even after reading everything - without watching hours of video.

Why copy testing over user testing?

While there are similarities, there are also many differences.

Targeted panels: we deliver insights from a specific audience (your target group) instead of a generic group of people. Our specialty is B2B audiences that no user testing tool can deliver.

You can target by title and industry, e.g. SaaS marketing directors, or SEO folks.

Copy feedback you get with us is super granular, including quantified metrics on clarity, value proposition attractiveness or whether they want to keep reading after reading the above the fold area.

You get all the insights in writing - easy to consume, share and summarize - as opposed to having to watch a number of videos which is much more time consuming (can't skim).

Wynter is the only dedicated messaging research tool.

Find out how your audience perceives your copy.

Learn where your copy misses the mark, so you can fix it.